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International Crime  |  Toby Cadman

International Criminal Court

  • Situation in Syria/Jordan

  • Situation in Myanmar/Bangladesh

  • Situation in Venezuela

  • Situation in Palestine/Israel

Kosovo Specialist Chambers

  • Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor v. Nasim Haradinaj

  • Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor v. Driton Lajci

  • Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor v. Agim Ceku

Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal

  • State v. Ghulam Azam & Others

  • State v. Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury

Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Prosecutor v. Zeljko Mejakic & Others

  • Prosecutor v. Radovan Stankovic

  • Prosecutor v. Gojko Jankovic

  • Prosecutor v. Mitar Rasevic & Savo Todovic

  • Prosecutor v. Sredoje Lukic & Milan Lukic

  • Prosecutor v. Pasko Lubicic

  • Prosecutor v. Sefik Alic

Human Rights Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Zoran Basic & Zeljko Cosic v. Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Boudellaa & Others v. Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Dominik Ilijasevic v. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Enver Syla v. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Momcilo Marjanovic v. The Republika Srpska

  • Velimir Przulj v. The Republika Srpska

  • Josip, Bozana & Tomislav Matanovic v. Republika Srpska

  • Vlatko Buzuk v. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Esad Landzo & Jusuf Potur v. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

International Investigations & Inquiries

  • Investigation into the Situation in Yemen

  • Investigation into Allegations of Incitement, Encouragement, Aiding and Abetting (Asma al-Assad)


International criminal and humanitarian law is at the forefront of Toby's practice.  Along with other members at Guernica 37, he has been involved in several high-profile matters prosecuting, defending and acting for victims before international tribunals, hybrid courts and human rights monitoring bodies including the International Criminal Court (ICC), International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina War Crimes Chamber, and Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal. 

Previous cases have included President Uhuru Kenyatta, former President Pervez Musharraf, former Vice President of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ejup Ganic, General Karake Karenze of Rwanda, the political leadership of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, and more recently the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad. 


Toby Cadman is anInternational law specialist in the field of war crimes, human rights, terrorism, and extradition.

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