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Development, Training & Institution Building  |  Toby Cadman

Guernica 37 seeks to adopt a principle to promote international justice through investigation, litigation, and transitional justice initiatives. It does this by building effective global networks, empowering victims and local partners to secure their voice in transitional justice mechanisms. It uses legal accountability to incentivise institutional reform and prevent future abuses. This way it develops transnational legal strategies to overcome entrenched impunity, fostering an exchange of expertise between legal cultures, civil society groups, and victim communities to cross-pollinate accountability strategies.

At Guernica 37, Toby provides professional development and training programmes in the areas of rule of law, focusing on international criminal investigations, international humanitarian law, human rights, criminal procedure and trial advocacy.


Toby Cadman is anInternational law specialist in the field of war crimes, human rights, terrorism, and extradition.

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He works with foreign governments and law enforcement agencies to develop professional and transparent law enforcement institutions that protect human rights, combat corruption, and reduce the threat of transborder and transnational crime and terrorism. Toby develops training curricula for law enforcement, prosecutorial and governmental agencies for the investigation of serious crime.


Previous projects have included Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma/Myanmar, Colombia, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Maldives, Montenegro, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, Rwanda,Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirate, Venezuela.


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